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Uma noite de sono profundo

Um boa noite de sono
Um boa noite de sono

Consider this your wake-up call. Fewer than half of all Americans sleep long enough or well enough, according to the National Sleep Foundation. Luckily, yoga can help. Asana, pranayama, nutrition, and meditation offer a holistic approach to better sleep.

By exploring different yogic channels, you will soon find yourself enjoying a deep and sound sleep.

Some may find relief from something as simple as a warm glass of almond milk, while others require a complete shift in dinner and bed-time habits. Restorative poses, like Viparita Karani (Legs-Up-the-Wall Pose), can help reduce stress and unwind the body for bed, while pranayama practices can soothe the nerves and promote sleep. Another way to tackle insomnia or other sleeping issues is to determine the specific energy imbalance causing your tossing and turning.

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